Marek Adamczyk

Assistant Professor at the University's of Wrocław Institute of Computer Science

Cool stuff

Polish AI Olympiad

I'm proud and honored to be one of the main organizers of the first and pilot version of the Polish Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence for our brilliant Polish high school students. Spread the news and follow this sticky event!

Wrocław Beast

Chess engine developed at our department is already 2200 ELO on Lichess. Enjoy its fierce play live and follow our journey of reaching TOP10 of world's best chess engines.

Deep Learning Seminar

Spring 2023 semester we've run a pilot version of an exciting deep learning seminar. With insightful students' presentations and great guests invited. 

About me

I work on algorithms that predict the future.

Problems on which I focus in my research are combinatorial in nature but come from the context of stochastic optimization, online optimization, mechanism design, algorithmic game theory and core machine learning. Simply speaking, optimization under uncertainty. 

My work is funded by Polish National Science Centre's grant SONATA 

Combinatorial Optimization Under Uncertainty: matroids, matchings and submodular functions



Double Degree Program in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Warsaw

MSc in both Mathematics and Computer Science, both advised by prof. Marcin Mucha

My thesis in Mathematics received first prize in the 44th Polish Mathematical Society's Contest for the best student paper in probability theory


PhD in Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome

Advised by prof. Stefano Leonardi


Post-doc at the Technical University of Munich and later at the University of Bremen

Hosted by prof. Nicole Megow


Post-doc at the Univeristy of Warsaw

Hosted by prof. Marek Cygan


I like to teach and I have a fair experience in it. 

Currently I'm teaching an exciting 

And previously I was lecturing and TA-ing:

Machine Learning Neural Networks and Deep Learning Probability Theory and Statistics Artificial Intelligence Submodular Optimization Algorithmic Trading

I also like tutoring,  so if you're a UWr (or even not necesserily UWr) student and would like to write an MSc or Engineering thesis with me, then hit me up on email.